High-quality reference photos from our salons

By popular request, we're now offering images from our renowned Just Draw the Boots multi-camera Zoom figure drawing sessions. Photos are taken in-session with a Nikon DLSR, from the same angles as those enjoyed by our online participants, then professionally edited for optimal color balance and composition.


Elena68 photosets

Elena brings an exuberance and impish sense of humor to every session. Reference sets are typically a mix of partially-draped and nude, often with fun props.

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Rose50 photosets

Rose is new to professional modeling but is rapidly attracting a worldwide following from artists for her graceful poses and gracious manner. Her sets spotlight an easy athleticism and inner calm.

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Serenity6 photosets

A former danseuse, Serenity is the embodiment of grace and elegance. See the way her dramatic back tattoos dance along her slender form. Sets are undraped.

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Trixie17 photosets

Our favorite surfer girl, Trixie is saltwater spray and laughing waves incarnate; her sunshine smile energizes every pose. Sets are undraped, sometimes with light props.

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Peyton9 photosets

Peyton is a baker and former athlete with the casual grace of an Erte sculpture.

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Our photosets are offered for personal art reference only; sharing, reproduction, and publication are strictly prohibited. Our license page has more details, as well as information on other licenses and higher resolution images. All profits from photoset sales are split with the models.

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