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Photoset License

When you purchase a photoset from Just Draw the Boots

You may:

  • create derivative art, e.g. drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc.
  • use them as wallpaper on your phone or computer
  • feel good about supporting artists and models
  • simply enjoy them

We ask:

  • that you tag us when you share your art on social media
  • that you mention us when you display your creation
  • that you at least send us a photo

You may NOT:

  • publish, post, distribute, or sell any of the images, even if you crop or blur or otherwise alter them.
  • make physical prints or reproductions for photocollages or other public-facing uses
  • use the images to promote any product or cause without our written permission
  • claim ownership or any other rights for their use

If you would like a hi-res version of an image

That's doable, if higher resolution is available.

  • After purchasing the set, send us the image you're wanting and we'll set something up. Note that there may be an additional cost involved, depending on what's involved.
  • (Original files are up to 20x larger, uncompressed)

If you would like to purchase a commercial or distribution license for an image

That's awesome, and we'll try to accommodate you

  • Contact us via email outlining what you have in mind
  • Be as clear as you can, specifying purpose and scope of use
  • We'll acknowledge receipt of your email promptly, and get back to you with pricing, if applicable, as soon as we can.

If you would like to purchase a physical print of an image

This will be offered soon! Contact us to get on our mailing list.

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