Immersion in other cultures stimulates the creative process and is great for the soul; we love to meet and draw with other artists around the world. Our travel plans were curtailed by the pandemic, but now we’re starting to ease back onto the road.


JDTB in Paris

Paris, London, and ??

Fall 2021

We're very excited to return to Europe! Some of our plans are still under development, but we're fully vaccinated and have all of the necessary paperwork so we're counting down the days!

Full Day Workshop On Sunday, November 7th, we'll be at the wonderful Henley School of Art in the U.K. for a full day figure drawing workshop. Sign up now!.

Want to host a Just Draw the Boots salon?

We’d love to visit! Contact us with your suggestions.

(Future plans include California, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, and LEO)


Here's where we've been!

JDTB in New York

New York City, NY

June 2021

We co-hosted a live session with the excellent Brooklyn Figure Drawing meetup group - their first in-person session in over a year!

We also held a live and Zoom session in Central Park. The weather was perfect, our tech cooperated, and we even managed to take a photoset of the session.

See the Photosets
JDTB in Denver

Denver, CO

Spring 2021

The first in our Traveling Girl series of narrative sessions, which we essentially invented because we could find no public venues from which to stream. Necessity is the mother of invention. This also led to the beginning of our photoset offerings, which has proven to be a popular adjunct to our live offerings.

See the Photosets
JDTB in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

Spring 2021
Fall 2020

Our first on-the-road session with new friends with whom we’d previously drawn only virtually came during a lull between lockdowns in Fall 2020. Everyone was even cooler in person. Our second visit six months later was even sweeter. Our favorite starchild, Deyanna Denyse, joined us both times and brought her special magic.

JDTB in Paris

Paris, France

Fall 2019

The trip that started it all. These small, intensive workshops, held in a small, rented storefront in wonderful Montmartre, set the stage for virtually everything that’s come since. Our students traveled from as far away as Greece to draw and learn with us.

pre-JDTB in Dublin, London, and Paris

Dublin, London, Paris

Fall 2018

The scouting trip. Drawing with groups in London and Paris was sublime; their warm welcome and convivial atmospheres became the model for how we’ve since conducted our salons, both online and off. We’ll return soon.

Again, holler if you'd like to host JDtB!

Contact us with your suggestions.

We need venue(s) and attendees and not a lot more...

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